Photo: DoD

Facility Operations, Logistics, and Technical Support Services:

Wolverine’s work at Fort Benning includes facility operations, logistics support services, and devices services. In total, Wolverine is responsible for over 11,000 items worth more than $60 million. Wolverine’s services enhance operational readiness with:

  • Device fabrication: Design, construct, install, and maintain full-size or scale model visual displays, training devices, and exhibits from a variety of materials. Final products include terrain boards, maps boards, commander’s boards, mines, and mock improvised explosive devices (IED) for training soldiers.
  • Simulators: Provide maintenance and end-user instruction in rifle firing simulators, issue and maintain artillery and gunfire simulators and combat simulation training aids. Ensure proper fielding and logging into property accountability system.  Fabricate the Modular Artillery Charge System (MACS) rifle training system for Army-wide fielding

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