Photo: DoD

Base Level Logistics and Secure Warehouse Support:

DLA Barstow is currently ranked as the number one depot based on our on-time shipping, receiving, and storing rates as well as inventory accuracy compared to all other DLA depots.

Wolverine Services operates 23 individual warehouses and storage lots totaling approximately three million square feet at the Defense Logistics Agency Distribution facilities in Barstow, California. Our personnel are responsible for $16 billion worth of inventory with close to 200,000 unique items, including hazardous and radioactive materiel. With this inventory, we support deployments around the world by ensuring our armed forces and our allies receive the assets needed to complete their missions. Wolverine also offers full loading and unloading services utilizing two cranes, including a shuttle lift capable of moving up to 100 tons, and two Rough Terrain Container Handlers (RTCH). Our certified crane operators and crews can quickly load or unload the materiel transported by rail or road for their tenant customers aboard the Marine Corps Logistics Base, tenant organizations of Fort Irwin, and for the U.S. Army conducting training exercises at the National Training Center for upcoming deployments.


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